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Hello, I just want to introduce myself.

My name is Benjamin and I am here to make connections, share advice and share in your experiences. I am a professional detailer and have been in the industry for 20+ years now.
I've worked on just about any car you can imagine from classics to modern exotics and have a lot of experience. I have also mentored other detailers and helped them to better succeed in their businesses.

I would like to offer myself as a source of advice when it comes to caring for your vehicle. If you have questions about how to clean or recondition any part of your vehicle I will take the time to answer your questions to the best of my ability.
I specialize in and have extensive knowledge in paint correction, ceramic coatings, paint protection film and window tint.
I have worked as a Ceramic Pro Certified Installer for over 5 years and due to the network of installers/detailers that I've accumulated over the years I have what seems like endless resources.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me for help.
Although, I am not offering my services here, I am offering advice.
Thank you for accepting me to the forums!
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